ADEGA results from over 25 years of know-how and experience in the field of PVC hose extrusion as well as operating and consulting activity for major manufacturing companies worldwide. Our considerable expertise has led to much appreciated patented solutions for products and manufacturing processes in the hose sector.

Among the latest achievements, the patented SMT Steady Mesh Technology® reinforcement with its peculiar, exclusive textile mesh has revolutionised the garden sector by overcoming the traditional technologies and solving well-known problematic aspects affecting the conventional garden hoses available on the market.
The advantages of the innovative SMT® reinforcement essentially base on the synergy between a braided and a knitted reinforcement in one layer, resulting in best non-torsion characteristics as well as excellent performances as regards malleability, pressure, flexibility and unique handiness in use. Unlike other systems called “anti-torsion” which do not completely neutralize the hose’s tendency to twist under pressure, thanks to its peculiar design the SMT® reinforcement is stable and ductile, making the hose collecting easy and avoiding kinking and obstructions.